(North of Kamloops)

Join our fun-filled, informative course - the longest standing in Canada.

Earn a beautiful Certificate - learn and practice what to do

in Dog or Cat emergencies.

March 31st, 2012 1-day course

(10 hours)

Time: 9am - 7pm

Application Forms and course fee information

available through:

Clearwater Resources Community Centre

224 Candlecreek Road, Clearwater, BC

Phone: 250-674-3530


e-mail:info <>

Snacks, tea and coffee will be provided

throughout the day.

There will be a morning and afternoon coffee break

for people and dogs!

There will also be a lunch break.

You may wish to bring a notebook.

Early Intervention and Preventative Care for Pets

is Very Important to Both the Pets and their Human Families.

Our courses focus mostly on Dogs and Cats, however other

animals such a Rabbits and Guinea Pigs may be helped

by prior knowledge of First Aid.

So, consider taking this upcoming course.

• Bleeding, broken bones and other wounds

• Choking, CPR and Artificial Respiration

• Recognize early signs of illness

• Learn to help prevent illness and injury

• Receive an extensive, 2011 edition manual,

and a "quick guide" for your First Aid Kit

•work with CPR mannequins AND your live pets

• Certificate provided upon passing exam

Register now! Limited space!

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