10 am - 4 pm

The SPCA'S Paws for a Cause Walk event

Sunday Sept. 11, 2011

(Due to last minute changes at the SPCA in Surrey, First Aid "Fur" Pets appeared in the Community Tent at Lumberman's Arch, Stanley Park.)

 Next year, First Aid "Fur" Pets will be at the Surrey Paws for a Cause event.

What a special event this was at Lumberman's Arch, Stanley Park!
The weather was perfect, the setting was phenomenal, the atmosphere was fun-filled, and the dogs were spectacular! (More later)

    Many thanks to those of you who visited the
First Aid "Fur" Pets booth. It was a real pleasure to meet and chat with you and your dogs! Thank you also for taking the time to enter the draw for the Pet First Aid Kit.

Next year, you will have a chance to also enter for a free Pet First Aid Course.

The lucky winner, who guessed the closest to the number of doggy treats in the jar, is Allison Murray, Vancouver. Allison popped by the booth with her beautiful, bright-eyed Bichon Frise, who was a little afraid of the bigger dogs, so surveyed the scene from the comfort of a pouch.

I sincerely hope that Allison never has to actually use the kit, however, she will at least be now more prepared for an unexpected emergency should it occur.

Allison guessed the number to be 588 doggy treats.
The exact number was 590!
Well done, Allison!
The numbers ranged from "0" to 10,000!

The best original answer came from Otis's "Grandma"!
Her answer was, "0 after Otis gets to it!"

    For those of you who were interested in the Pet First Aid Kit, they are available on the "Upcoming Courses" page and are available in red or blue. They are a great bargain as purchasing the items individually from a pharmacy would be very costly

There were many memorable doggy moments throughout the event.

Otis, the pug, small in stature, but large in personality, spotted Frisbees on the table. He was determined to have one, jumped onto a chair, to reach the table, but later achieved his goal at the Frisbee throw. He showed his appreciation with a display of his athletic prowess with his new Frisbee! What a memorable character!

Agility dogs, Collies, and Golden Retrievers also showed great interest in the Frisbees!

Otis the Frisbee Athlete

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who so cheerfully helped throughout the day.
You contributed greatly to this worthwhile cause. See you again next year in Surrey!


Heather Rankin,
Jan 15, 2016, 10:23 AM